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What Types of Living Room Wallpaper are There

duhui 2022-09-29

What Types of Living Room Wallpaper are There




The surface layer is composed of glue, also called polymer material. More than 80% of the products in the world belong to this category, which is a major classification of wallpaper. The waterproof performance of this type of wallpaper is very good, and the water will not penetrate into the wall, so it belongs to the isolation type waterproof.


pure paper


It is made of paper as the base material and is embossed after printing. It is natural, comfortable, no peculiar smell, good environmental protection and strong air permeability. Because it is paper, it has a very good coloring effect, suitable for dyeing various bright colors and even fine brushwork. Products with poor paper quality may turn slightly yellow over time.


non-woven fabric


Using pure non-woven fabric as the base material, the surface is printed with water-based ink and then coated with special materials. It is specially processed and has the advantages of sound absorption, no deformation, and strong breathing performance. Because it is very thin, it is very easy to construct, which is very suitable for young people who like DIY.




Using silk, linen, cotton and other woven fabrics as raw materials, its physical properties are very stable, and the color does not change much after wet water. Therefore, this type of product is also very popular in the market, but the price is higher than that of non-woven fabrics.




Made of diatomite, the surface has numerous pores, which can absorb and decompose odors in the air, and have the functions of humidity control, deodorization, heat insulation, and prevention of bacterial growth. It helps to purify indoor air, to improve the home environment and to condition the body.


wall covering


The concept of wall covering is relatively broad, and its characteristics are mainly that the surface layer is relatively thick, one is a resin material with a relatively thick surface layer and a relatively high concentration, and the other is a pure natural material. It feels solid and durable. It should be noted that it should not be used in places such as the bedroom to rest, so as not to make people depressed and nervous.


Advantages of wallpaper


Paper-backed adhesive wallpaper is the most widely used wallpaper variety. It has the main advantages of various colors, rich patterns, reasonable price, dirt resistance, and scrub resistance.


Diverse colors


Through the design of different patterns of printing and embossing molds, the overprinting of multi-page printing colors, and the cooperation of various embossing patterns, the wallpaper patterns are colorful and colorful. There are not only plain paper suitable for stable and elegant offices, but also suitable for young people. Unrestrained geometric figures with strong contrast; there are not only flower paper that can see the landscape, silk and bamboo without leaving home, but also cartoon paper that caters to children's tastes and takes you into the wonderful world of fairy tales. With the right design, wallpaper can create any home atmosphere you want.


Reasonable price


In the past, when you stepped into a high-end star-rated hotel, you might be impressed by its luxurious style, hoping that your family would be equally noble and elegant, but it was discouraged by the high decoration price. Today, the popular domestic paper-based adhesive wallpapers on the market are priced at 10-20 yuan per square meter plus construction costs. A room of 20 square meters can be replaced with a new look for only a few hundred yuan. This price structure is particularly suitable for the needs of the working class. Home space, hotel enjoyment, constantly seeking new and reserving differences, creating a popular domestic wallpaper manufacturing industry, making your dreams come true.


short cycle


If paint or coating is used for decoration, the wall needs to be repeatedly constructed at least three to five times, with a one-day interval between each time, that is, a week's time. In addition, paints and coatings contain a large amount of organic solvents, which may affect human health when inhaled. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain indoor ventilation for more than 10 days before moving in. In this way, it will take at least half a month from renovation to completion. And choose wallpaper decoration, a house with three bedrooms and one living room, the professional wallpaper construction staff will post the wallpaper, only three people can complete it, and it will not affect your normal life at all.


Dirt and scrub resistance


If your baby likes to create, you will often publish the latest works on the wall; if the wall is accidentally stained by slapping mosquitoes in summer, there is no need to worry about the cleaning of the wallpaper, just wipe it with a sponge dipped in water or detergent. Remove stains. The dirt-resistance and scrub-resistance of the adhesive-faced wallpaper ensures that even if you repeatedly scrub it, it will not affect the beauty of the home wall.


Fireproof, mildewproof and antibacterial


In addition, the glue surface wallpaper can also meet your special needs of fire prevention, mildew resistance and antibacterial.


How to choose wallpaper


Look: Check whether there is color difference, wrinkles and bubbles on the surface of the wallpaper, and whether the pattern of the wallpaper is clear and uniform in color.


Touch: After reading it, you can touch the wallpaper with your hands to see whether it has a good texture and whether the thickness of the paper is consistent.


Smell: This is very important. If the wallpaper has a peculiar smell, it is likely that the content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride is high.


Wipe: You can cut a sample of wallpaper and wipe the paper with a damp cloth to see if there is any discoloration.

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